Social Responsibility


At SecureTech360, social responsibility is more than a buzzword. Our employees come together to participate in community events that leave a positive stamp locally and national.

We have a personal kinship with the Parkinson’s foundation. We also financially support an array of non-profit organizations.

Our heart is in our work and our heart is in our community - ST360 Cares.

Corporate Citizenship

At SecureTech360, corporate citizenship is a natural extension of our business philosophy. Through active philanthropy partnerships and community involvement, our efforts are making a difference.

At the executive level, SecureTech360’ leaders are out in front, inspiring the local business community to improve the quality of life for all in the county. They tackle major issues such as poverty, crime, education and training for the unrepresented populations for women, underprivileged youth, returning citizens and seniors through several programs within the organization.

To date, SecureTech360 has donated over $25,000 in scholarships monies to support local non profit organizations such as:

SecureTech360 also a proud supporter and donates annually to following organizations:

  • Parkinson Foundation
  • Prevent Cancer Walk
  • Women Conquering Cancer
  • New York AIDS Walk

In 2018, SecureTech360 started MySecureKid - a 501(c)3 non-profit and a global movement that educates, inspires and promotes online safety awareness for parents, educators and children. Our goal is to create a safe environment for children online, and fight against cyberbullying, human trafficking and adolescent suicide.

For more information on MySecureKid, please visit the website at

"The irony of having to say goodbye to my 4-year-old each day in order to build a new business that helps other parents bring their children with them to work isn't lost on me."

PRETTI with a Purpose is ST360's yearly scholarship program for young adults entering college or already in college.

PRETTI with a Purpose, Empowerment Scholarship Fund, is a scholarship program for young ladies in the 11th and 12th grade; and college students interested in a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Health and Math. Nonprofits with a mission to support young women in business, cybersecurity, health and emerging technologies are also eligible for this scholarship.

Our scholarship are awarded annually, students can re-apply every year. Up to $3,000.00. One scholarship will be awarded per year.

For more information, please visit the PRETTI with a Purpose Facebook page.

The SHUN Your Light scholarship Fund was created in memory of Lashun Foy of Manassas, VA. Lashun was known in the community for his generosity, friendship, and dedication to his loved ones and to SecureTech360. He put others before himself. In establishing this scholarship, Lashun’s family and friends wish to recognize the dedication to continued education and community service as a SecureTech360 employee.

S.H.U.N. stands for:
S - Strength
H - Honor
U - Unstoppable
N - Never Failing

S.H.U.N. (Strength, Honor, Unstoppable and Never Failing), is a scholarship program for young men in the 11th and 12th grade and college students interested in an undergraduate or graduate degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Health and Math. Nonprofits with a mission to support young men in business, cybersecurity, health and emerging technologies are also eligible for this scholarship. Our scholarship is awarded annually, student or nonprofits can re-apply every year for up to $3,000.00. One scholarship will be awarded per year.

Fore more information, please visit the SHUN Your Light Facebook page.


  • SecureTech360 has been a GIRL sponsor for 3 years and we were able to provide scholarships for girls to attend summer entrepreneurship and STEM camps. In 2018, GIRL received the PRETTI with a Purpose scholarship which allowed us to provide book scholarships to 5 graduating seniors. Each girl was grateful for the assistance as they began their college education because it reduced their financial burden. - Danielle Craddock, G.I.R.L. Founder
  • SecureTech360 saved my son's life. My son enrolled in their training program and was selected to intern with their company. Within a year he received several IT certifications and was able to move our entire family out of a bad neighborhood. I lost one of my sons to the streets but SecureTech360 gave us hope again and we will be eternally grateful for this wonderful company. - Monique Barnes, Parent
  • As the days went by in my retail job, I grew unsatisfied. Ever since elementary school, I've been interested in computers. Thanks to SecureTech360 I was able to complete a year-long apprenticeship program and achieve my dreams of working in IT. - Robert Smith, Apprenticeship Graduate
  • As being my big sister she didn't want to just give me a hand in life but help empower me to be independent and self-sufficient. Ms. Gainey strategically exposed me to powerful woman to help me create a vision for myself and a mission for success. Therefore, changing my life forever. - Latrice Ross, Former SecureTech360 Employee
  • SecureTech360 has been instrumental in providing young aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn, network and establish rewarding business ventures through their Pretti With A Purpose Scholarship. Through SecureTech360's generosity, a young woman will experience 5-days of personal and professional development in Nassau, Bahamas where she'll have an opportunity to network with the First Lady of The Bahamas and other notable businesswomen throughout the world. Thank you for your dedication and longtime commitment to the advancement of women. You are a tremendous asset to the advance of girls and women worldwide. - Angel Livas , Founder of The Woman Behind The Business
  • Secure Tech 360 has definitely changed my life for the better. I never had a career job until I worked for Secure Tech 360. They gave me the training and skills to continue to do a job that I love doing. Secure Tech 360 is like a family to me. - Chantel Green