We are SecureTech360

Passionate, prepared, and progressive about protecting our client’s infrastructure.

Secure. Protect. Defend.

SecureTech360 is a cybersecurity and IT consulting firm whose principals have extensive experience in Cybersecurity and Information Technology. Our team of experts bridges the gap between traditional and nontraditional networks by creating a framework to aid the understanding of "Next Generation Networks". We specialize in configuring and securing traditional and non-traditional network-based IP systems.

SecureTech360, LLC thrives to ensure the protection of information technology assets by providing defense in depth strategies based on SANS 100, HIPPA, FISMA, OMB, NIST and all applicable laws, directives and organizational policies.

  • Small, Minority-Owned Business
  • Woman-Owned
  • Service Disabled Veteran-Owned

Our Team


We don’t just hear our clients, we listen to them.
  • Leadership has 20 plus years of experience in cybersecurity.
  • 25 plus years of experience in IT and Unified Communications.
  • The team is subject matter experts.
  • Senior staff is made up of women.
  • 90% of the team have their Master degree.
  • The team has certifications in major areas of technology.

Company Awards & Accolades

  • 2020 - Entrepreneur Of The Year Award from GIRL
  • 2020 - Virginia Governors Volunteerism & Community Service Award
  • 2019 - Women’s Veteran’s Business Enterprise of the Year Award
  • 2015 - Hall of Fame Winner for Community Business Partnership
  • 2015 - Donna Noble Incubator Client Award
  • 2014 - Small Business Award for Women's Business Center

Team Certifications

We currently hold the following certifications:

  • Security +
  • Network +
  • A+
  • Convergence Technologies Certification
  • CCNA
  • Salesforce Certified
  • Certified Broadcast Engineer
  • Creston Certified Programmers
  • MCSE
  • DMC-D-4 and DMC-E 4 Engineers
  • AWS Dev Ops Engineer
  • Solutions Architect- professional and associate
  • Project Management

Vision Statement

Our vision is revolutionary! We aspire to exceed our core values by investing in our workforce, providing secure and scalable solutions to our clients and making an global impact through social entrepreneurship, venture capitalism and philanthropy. Thats the 360 difference!

Mission Statement

SecureTech360 is the premier end-to-end award winning IT and Cybersecurity services and solutions provider focused on modernizing technology, cybersecurity, workforce development and transforming the digital experience for the State, Local and Federal Government.

To deliver high‐quality, innovative cybersecurity, technology and training solutions that reduce potential threats and/or risks for our customers and clients.

Dedicated to our mission statement and core values. Our goal is to create secure and scalable cybersecurity and training solutions for our clients by accomplishing the following:

  • Enable secure communications standards that protect our client’s interests.
  • Ensure an agile vulnerability mitigation process.
  • Hire and/or retain world-class resources to defend and respond to the latest cyber threats plaguing our clients infrastructure.
  • Identify and respond with swift clarity to immediate threats to the business.
  • Continue to expand SecureTech360 as a center of excellence and subject matter experts in the field of technology, innovation and cyber security that showcases our dedication to expanding research, education, workforce training and development programs for the Next Generation IT and Cybersecurity career field.

Core Values - Our “CHIE”


The 360 Difference


The 360 difference takes a holistic approach. We securely connect our core values --our “CHIE" with our employees, clients, services, and processes; education and social responsibility to perform and grow as a company.

We are unique because we care. We care about your experience with our company.