We are SecureTech360

Passionate, prepared, and progressive about protecting our client’s privacy.

Motivated To Give More

I am the owner and founder of a minority, woman-owned, disabled veteran-owned small business. While in the Air Force I was commissioned to the Pentagon. I was challenged to create solutions for assignments that involved technology and cybersecurity. I took the challenge head-on, I went back to school at night and received a Business Science degree in Information Technology Management and later my Master’s degree.

In my basement, I founded SecureTech360, a Cybersecurity and Information Technology (IT) consulting firm in 2010. It has grown and is headquartered in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

We are comprised of experienced experts in the fields of our services. We are flexible, agile, creative and innovative in all our solutions. We practice our “CHIE” (commitment, honesty, integrity, and excellence) daily with our clients and employees. It is etched into every solution we bring to you, and that motivates us to give more.


Our Team


We don’t just hear our clients, we listen to them.
  • Leadership has 20 plus years of experience in cybersecurity.
  • 25 plus years of experience in IT and Unified Communications.
  • The team is subject matter experts.
  • Senior staff is made up of women.
  • 90% of the team have their Master degree.
  • The team has certifications in major areas of technology.

Team Certifications

We currently hold the following certifications:

  • Security +
  • Network +
  • A+
  • Convergence Technologies Certification
  • CCNA
  • Salesforce Certified
  • Certified Broadcast Engineer
  • Creston Certified Programmers
  • MCSE
  • DMC-D-4 and DMC-E 4 Engineers
  • AWS Dev Ops Engineer
  • Solutions Architect- professional and associate
  • Project Management

Core Values - Our “CHIE”


The 360 Difference


The 360 difference takes a holistic approach. We securely connect our core values --our “CHIE" with our employees, clients, services, and processes; education and social responsibility to perform and grow as a company.

We are unique because we care. We care about your experience with our company.