JaLisa Johnson

President/Chief Technology Officer

Quiana Gainey

Chief Executive Officer/Director

Sharon Watson

Chief Financial Officer

Quiana Gainey, a 15+ year IT industry veteran, has served as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Securetech360 LLC, since its inception in 2010. Being the founder of SecureTech360, Ms. Gainey has an extensive background in the IT industry, including information assurance, cyber security, research and development for emerging technologies for the Federal government. Ms. Gainey provides the overall strategic leadership for SecureTech360 while focusing on new business development.


She separated from the Air Force as a decorated, disabled soldier and humanitarian, with a distinguished military record. Ms. Gainey has a MBA in Human Resource Management, a BS in Information Technology Management and currently pursuing a PhD in Business and Information Technology.

JaLisa Johnson takes the lead in innovation and development of telecommunication for SecureTech360. Ms. Johnson passion and vision drives her imagination to create solutions to change the way we communicate, educate, work and live with emerging technology. She is a pioneer in the virtual movement, working to bridge the gap between traditional and non-traditional communication technology.


With over 20 years of experience of IT, broadcast and telecommunication industry, Ms. Johnson serves as President and CTO of SecureTech360. She has a MS in Communication Science and currently pursuing a PMP certification.

Sharon Watson, for three decades has worked in financial and business operations for the private, public and non-profit sectors. Sharon serves as Chief Financial Officer for SecureTech360.  Her extensive experience allows her be responsible for compliance, policies and regulations for local, state and federal entities.


Sharon is also responsible for accounting, payroll, taxations and all other financial operations for SecureTech360. Ms. Watson has a BS in Accounting from Howard University.

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Porcher Washington

VP of Human Resources and Organizational Management

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Vickie Purifoy

VP of Marketing and Public Relations

Tahanee Karim

VP of Contracts Management

Tahanee Karim is the Vice President of Contracts Management. She is responsible for managing all government contracts for SecureTech360, LLC. She has over 15 years of experience within in various management roles and positions in California, DC and Virginia. She also has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in the area of Management and Human Capital and a Master’s Degree in Business of Administration.


With a proven track record of accomplishments in Management and Operations, Ms. Karim brings over 15 years of progressive experience to the SecureTech360, LLC family.


Porcher Washington is the Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Management for SecureTech 360.  She is responsible for developing and ensuring the execution of staffing strategies, human capital, succession plans and resource planning program to identify, attract and nurture talent.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University.  She served as president of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.


In 2005, Ms. Washington completed her Masters of Art Degree in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in Mental Health.  In 2011 she completed her second Masters of Art degree in Human Resource Development emphasizing business management.

Vickie Purifoy’s vision is to grow SecureTech360 into a global brand. To create the right message so that clients and potential clients know SecureTech360’s sincere commitment to their business and their success.  Develop long-term go-to-market strategies and execution; media development, brand management and identity.  Analyze and promote our competitive advantages and the value it brings to the clients of SecureTech360.


Prior to joining SecureTech360, Mrs. Purifoy worked for 20 years in various marketing and sales operations leadership capacities with The Coca-Cola Company.  Spent six years in public relations at Bank of America.

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