"...passionate, prepared and progressive about protecting our client’s privacy, brand, data and intellectual property from potential threats"

My name is Quiana Gainey, founder of SecureTech360 and my story begins in Northern California where I was born, lived and attended school.  When I was in middle school I wanted to go to college for journalism and be on television like Oprah Winfrey.  But, after graduating high school, I changed my mind about college and instead joined the United States Air Force. After basic training I was stationed in Northern California.  After leaving California I was stationed in Missouri. While there, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime when I was offered an assignment with the Pentagon!  I envisioned the Pentagon through Hollywood rose-tinted glasses, my expectations high and my excitement even higher. The excitement didn’t last long.  No, I wasn’t assigned to that team that met with the heads of the military, who met in the “situation room” to work out national security issues as I’d often seen in Hollywood movies regarding the Pentagon.  The projects assigned to me challenged me to create solutions for situations that involved technology and cyber security — two subject matters I was not familiar with nor interested in.  But, I was taught from basic training, when given a problem you don’t focus on the problem only on the solution, so I took the challenge head on. I educated myself by going back to school at night and received a Business Science degree in Information Technology Management. Through these various projects, I became acutely aware of serious and growing cyber security threats to the United States government and businesses. It was during this time at the Pentagon that I gave birth to the idea of SecureTech360 consulting firm.


I separated from the Air Force and in 2010, SecureTech360 consulting — a cyber security company designed to protect my government with integrity and truth — went from aspiration to actuality when the doors opened for business. SecureTech360’s infrastructure was built to operate with integrity; putting the client’s needs and desires first before profitability, and the client’s satisfaction before expediency. My company is passionate, prepared, and progressive about protecting our client’s privacy, brand, data and intellectual property from potential threats.


In 2014, SecureTech360 partnered with Jalisa Johnson to incorporate Virtual Emerging Technology Solutions (VET-S), a unified communication service designed to progressively change and redefine how business, education, government and even residential aspects, collaborate and communicate in “real time” with emerging technology. VET-S communication solutions use smart technology and smart innovation, taking technology beyond its original design.


SecureTech360, LLC is a small minority, woman, service disabled veteran-owned cyber-security, information technology and unified communication consulting firm.

Quiana Gainey

CEO and Founder, SecureTech360

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